How To Reduce My Annual Support Costs With Oracle?

How To Reduce My Annual Support Costs With Oracle?

There’s many ways to reducing annual support costs. The number one problem that a customer faces is they’re told by Oracle that… “if you reduce any of your support or get rid of licenses that you don’t want, we’re going to re-price your remaining support which ends up being more costly than if you just kept the licenses.” and so customers don’t do that. That is one of the areas where you can totally maximize your support.

We do have methodologies that will help you get rid of those licenses that are costing you a lot of money and Oracle can’t re-price. One is to implement migrations, to implement license assignments, license transfers and license changes.

There’s a lot of licensing methodologies that can change that will allow that license to all of a sudden be what we call unencumbered. That means you could throw it away. You could not support it anymore and it won’t affect the remaining licenses. That’s one area where support can be reduced significantly.

A license migration is when you take one license that is a processor license and you migrate it to a named user plus license. You have one processor license and in essence, you trade it in or migrate it to 50 named users within the Oracle database.

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