Support / Maintenance Cost Reduction
Quite often, companies become over—licensed over time. Yes that is right over—licensed. Products that were purchased in the past, remain on their annual support contracts with no way to remove them. Oracle makes this very difficult for organizations to do. SLC is the only company in the market with the ability to assist clients in reducing support and maintenance costs. Read More.

Strategic License Planning
Know what you need and how best to buy it!
If you are preparing to make an Oracle license purchase (whether that is a first time purchase) or additional license SLC can help make sure you buy only what you need. When purchasing Oracle licenses it is important not only to make sure that you receive the right price but that you purchase the right products for your specific needs. SLC will provide you with license policies that will help reduce your costs. These policies are not published and do not require negotiation. It’s simply a matter or know what to ask for. SLC is uniquely qualified to help you lower spend on Oracle licenses, saving you money on the upfront purchase and over time on maintenance and support costs. Read More.

Audit Preparedness / Defense
Software audits are complex, time consuming, confusing and if not conducted correctly can be very costly. Every deployment of Oracle products is unique and the rules of using Oracle Licenses need to be mapped to that uniqueness. Understanding your contractual and purchasing rights along with a full understanding of Oracle policies are the first steps. With audits on the rise, SLC has a number of audit related services that can help you prepare for or defend against an Audit. Read More.