Oracle Audits

Audits are inquiries (and sometimes systems-monitoring investigations) to ensure that every copy of installed software is actually licensed. Anecdotal reports indicate that audits are on the upswing.  Auditing used to be carried out primarily by the vendor-funded Business Software Alliance (BSA), but that’s changing.

“The BSA is still doing audits, but many vendors, because of their need to drive revenue, have taken on the task of doing audits themselves.  Now that industry groups and individual vendors are both auditing, we’re seeing more activity.”

The top-five list shouldn’t be surprising in that these are among the leading software suppliers around the globe, and more customers translates into more audits. Rounding out the survey’s top-10 list of most-frequent auditors are McAfee, Attachmate, VMware, and Symantec. With these and other prominent suppliers of software now auditing, the question isn’t will you face an audit, but when and will you be ready?

Tracking software installed versus software licensed may sound straightforward, but when companies have hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of users, things can get complicated. 


Software audits are complex, time consuming, confusing and if not conducted correctly can be very costly.

Every deployment of Oracle products is unique and the rules of using Oracle Licenses need to be mapped to that uniqueness.  Understanding your contractual and purchasing rights along with a full understanding of Oracle policies are the first steps.

With audits on the rise, SLC has a number of audit related services that can help you prepare for or defend against an audit.

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