What Triggers An Oracle Audit?

What Triggers An Oracle Audit?

There is no random auditing process at Oracle as they would like to have you think. The way an audit works in Oracle and the nomination process is your Oracle sales rep nominate you for an audit. What happens is your Oracle salespeople are not getting the numbers that they need, they’re not hitting the revenue targets that they need to hit. Therefore, they’re going to nominate you or whoever’s within their territory for an audit. It’s a way to shake the tree, find out what falls and see if there’s any easy revenue. Oracle doesn’t have a random way of picking audits.

Also, a lot of customers are under the misconception that, “Oh, I canceled support last year so now, I’m getting audited.” Oracle doesn’t really have a penalty system to go back and go after customers. It’s 100% based on sales and the sales team driven activities.

If you continue to buy Oracle software, you’re not going to get audited. You’re not going to have a risk of audit. If you’re on a holding pattern and you’re not really buying a lot of Oracle software, then basically what’s going to happen there is you’re probably a candidate to get audited because you’re not buying Oracle software.

An audit officially gets triggered internally by the sales rep submitting a form to the LMS (Licensed Management Services) group and then the LMS group is going to send you an audit notice saying, “Hey, this is the LMS group and you’ve been selected for an Oracle audit.”

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